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8 Tips On Promoting A Low Budget Show

This bit of advice is for anyone trying to get into the promotions business but the cost of booking and promoting an artist seems too expensive for you right now. The first point is, if you th [...]

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The benefits of using an entertainment booking agency

Looking for a booking agency you can trust There was once a time when the only way one could book entertainment was through a booking agency. Most entertainers and celebrities used to book thei [...]

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Working with local opening acts

Opening acts Some promoters like to open a show with a new act they're promoting or someone looking for exposure. And that's fine. The main thing is to not let the opening act perform so long t [...]

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How to secure a celebrity appearance or talent performance contract

Have your funds readily available. The signed contract and a deposit will be due within 48 hours of confirming the date. Check the availability of the venue. Contact our agency with a short [...]

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