A Look At The Concert Business of Today And Tomorrow

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Last year was a painful reminder of the mortality of the music industry’s biggest acts. And sadly, it’s just the beginning. Fifty percent of last year’s top 100 grossing acts are over 50 years old. So what will happen to the concert business when they’re no longer around? And what role will music festivals play in the concert business of the future? In this episode of Musonomics, Larry Miller speaks with a representative from The Wall Street Journal and Forbes about the future of the live music industry and rock’s demographic crisis.

Some of the topics covered in this podcast on the present and future of the concert and festival business include:

  • Music festivals being a big source of income for artists and promoters
  • Why festivals are using the same headliner artists
  • A look at why some festivals had to be canceled
  • Many of the top grossing artists who are over 50 years old represent 50% of the festival performers. What will happen when they are no longer here?
  • Will the top artists of today be able to increase the popularity and generated income (via ticket price inflation) of the live concert business 20-30 years down the road?

Read the original post at musonomics.org.

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