The Top 4 Components of Being A Concert Promoter

being a concert promoter

When it comes to promoting and producing a great live event there are a lot of hard working people behind-the-scenes. One of the main persons responsible for bringing a live show to life is the concert promoter. It’s a demanding job that requires serious attention to detail. Let’s take a look at the key components of being a concert promoter.

(An excerpt from the ebook: “Concert Promotions: A Step By Step Guide To Success”)

A promoter is an individual or party which accepts the full responsibility and risk of presenting a live music event or club night. Their role consists of: selecting and renting the venue, paying for performance fees, venue staff, hotel and travel expenses, promotions, technicians, production, and advertising.

Booking Agency
A booking agency will negotiate with the entertainer(s) on behalf of the promoter. Through experience and direct contact the agency usually knows the pricing, schedule, and travel requirements for the talent. They will put together the proposal in writing for the promoter and in most cases secure the formal contracts within days, giving the buyer/promoter the maximum amount of time to promote the event.

A venue is the location where the event will take place. It’s the promoter’s responsibility to choose the right venue for their event. Selecting the right venue is very important. Some booking agencies can provide a list of venues they have worked with in the past. Or, simply search online for venue information and specifications.

Advertising is a key factor for any public or private event. It informs the audience about the “who, what, when, and where” of the event. Saturating the market with a big marketing and advertising campaign, can increase the chances of a large turnout and the success of the event.

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