Buying Television Ads for a Concert Event

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Want to advertise on television? Cable TV now makes it easier than ever before to advertise to your target audience with a large amount of channels and programs to choose from.

1. Compare the GRP (Gross Rating Point) of the stations you are interested in, to help you determine your budget. A GRP equals one percent of the households in the TV marketing area. For example, if there are one million tv sets in the market, one rating point equals 10,000 TV households. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of tv advertising to have in impact in the market. Some suggest no less than 150 GRPs/per month. In addition, larger markets usually have a higher GRP.

2. Avoid primetime advertising (8:00pm-11:00pm) and you will be able to stretch your dollar farther.

3.Just like anything else tv rates are negotiable. Depending on the scale of your advertising, your knowledge of the market, or lack of time, hiring a media-buying service to place your ads is not a bad idea. Many will do the job for a fee of 7.5-10% of your advertising budget. Because they buy lots of ad time for their other clients, they tend to get a very low rate.

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