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In this new age of technology, it appears that many of the old ways of promoting shows are becoming less effective. It’s getting harder to not only reach but to grab the attention of television viewers and radio listeners with on-air advertising. There is also a downward trend of time spent reading newspapers, magazines and other print material. While time reading print media, listening to radio, and watching tv goes down, internet activity is going up. Simply put, more people are getting their news and information online.

Interrupting and luring huge audiences to listen, watch, or read advertising, before the consumer returns to their broadcast or article has become less acceptable and appealing. How do you reach people who now watch television on their own schedule and not necessarily when it’s scheduled to air, who don’t read local newspapers but get their news from stories posted on Facebook and twitter, or who listen to music from online radio stations around the world or from their iPods? It’s definitely going to take a new approach to reach people who are now taking advantage of the conveniences technology can provide.

The best way to take advantage for the new technology is an engaging strategy where you, the seller, interact with the audience as “virtual friends.” Specifically, target social media groups and communicate with the subscribers. This will allow you to participate in the discussions of the day, begin a topic of conversation, ask provoking questions to promote discussion and interest, and become an active member in your groups. Sprinkle your posts with interesting information, images, and videos about your upcoming event. Artist manager Jackie Whyte of Tampa, Florida believes “social media is a very effective way of promoting shows” because people are always looking “for something to do or somewhere to go to have some fun.”

Using internet marketing in this form is not a means to give a sales pitch. The goal is to create a “buzz” about your promotion. Smart promoters will also communicate indirectly through blogs, other entertainment experts, and most importantly the friends of who you want to reach.

With all the technology (literally and figuratively) at your disposal, there has never been anything more effective to create a buzz and have people talking about your event online, at work, on the phone, etc. You will need an effective game plan to successfully execute your online strategy. Breaking through the clutter most people are constantly overloaded is not easy but it can be done. Try to make it as simple and fun as possible.

If you want your event to be a success, you have to create a buzz to get your target audience tweeting, texting, posting, and talking about it. Lina Ugrinovska of Password Production in Macedonia says “I think any kind of “guerrilla” marketing instead of the usual posters and flyers in combination with the social media is the best combination today.” She points out that lots of promoters without their own website rely on Facebook as a “relevant medium for promotion.” Message sending (especially from people with strong influence) and message reception (to a large target audience) will always be the key to a concert promoter’s success.


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