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The Top 4 Components of Being A Concert Promoter


being a concert promoter

When it comes to promoting and producing a great live event there are a lot of hard working people behind-the-scenes. One of the main persons responsible for bringing a live show to life is the concer [...]

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The 10 Commandments of Concert Promotions


concert promoter tips

The 10 Commandments of Concert Promotions Here are the ten laws of promoting a concert. Take note and govern yourself accordingly, for the money you save just may be your own. 1. You are the rul [...]

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How To Book, Promote, And Produce A Live Comedy Show


comedy booking agent

There are many advantages to producing comedy shows as oppose to music concerts. The main one is the lower cost. Technically, all you need is a sound system, a mic, and a stool, compared to the elabor [...]

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6 Great Motivational Quotes to Help You Prepare for 2014


concert promoter motivational quotes

Here is a list of quotes to guide and inspire, as you begin to prepare for the new year. Use these inspirational thoughts to help define your success and course of action in the concert promotion busi [...]

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How to Protect and Monetize Your Concert Promotion Trademark and Copyright


How to Protect and Monetize Your Concert Promotion Trademark and Copyright

If someone used your concert promotion name, catch phrase, marketing idea, or a similar logo to promote their show in another city, what would you do? Understanding what the law says about promotin [...]

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