Getting The Media To Cover Your Concert Event

media publicity for concert promoters
Here are a few suggestions to help you take advantage of as much media publicity as you can get leading up to your show.

Send a press release to your local radio and television stations, newspapers, and any local video or entertainment television hosts or producers. When sending the press release to the radio stations, do it (via fax, email, facebook, twitter, etc.) one hour before each jock comes on the air. Make sure you include the concert date, location, time, ticket price, and phone number for more information. You can Google “how to write a press release” for more tips.

Ask the newspaper to do a feature story on the artist before they come to town. Many publications have deadlines. Call them in advance to get that information. Offer to bring the artist to the radio station for an interview the day of the show. If possible, schedule a phone interview before the performance date. It’s important to let the public know that the artist really intends to be there. Putting them on the air to promote the event, is the best way to do it. Ask the artist to send you a pre-recorded “audio/video drop” , encouraging the listeners to join him/her at the show and use it for your radio or television commercial. With HD phone cameras and audio recorders, it’s never been easier to send or receive.

Make sure the radio stations have a copy of the artist’s music. Getting airplay is not easy but it’s even more difficult if they don’t have the music. If the music is not being played asked the program or music director to add it to the “mix” shows, during the weekends, or between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM for a couple of weeks as a test. If it’s an artist without a current song, ask to increase rotation on their older songs. Put the radio station request line on your concert information voicemail greeting and encourage everyone to call and request their favorite songs from the artist. The bottom line is, do whatever you can to increase the spins one to two weeks before your show. It definitely helps increase ticket sales.

Take the time to promote your show online. Post your event on the web sites of local newspapers, magazines, radio & television stations, and social media (facebook, twitter, etc). Email everyone you know too.

There are lots of ways to generate free publicity. Take advantage of as many as you can.


By Kevin Morrison –
A Booking Agent for eJams Entertainment. For information on how to book an artist for your next private or public event call him at 803.753.7494.

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