How To Secure Event Sponsors

tips on getting sponsorship dollars

The most critical procedure in securing event sponsorships is the communication between you and whoever you want to propose the idea to. Meetings and phone calls with the prospects and listening to their key marketing and communication objectives can help customize each proposal. It’s very important to address the individual needs of the sponsors because they are usually more interested in your target market than your event. Follow up after sending your proposal with a call. If you decide to wait for their call, you could be waiting forever. Here’s a few tips to help you secure event sponsors.

It is not a difficult task trying to persuade a prospect who is already willing to purchase a sponsorship unlike trying to convince one who isn’t inclined. It is also not a good idea trying to persuade establishments that have not at any time financed any event. Preferably, create a list of the 100 most elite firms who fund events in municipalities where your events are conducted. Once you are done, create another record of establishments that manufacture or offer goods and services your visitors might purchase. Don’t be biased and do not exclude any firm because you see them as being either too big or too small. A record of 100 firms might seem like a huge number, but it is feasible for most events. Remember, just a small percentage of the 100 firms could become the real sponsors. That’s why you need a lengthy list.

Useful information can also be obtained from event programs. You can collect them online and off. Look for any sponsors listed on them. Create a spreadsheet of all the companies and organizations. Categorize them according to the type of goods and services they offer. The websites for events is also a good source for a prospective sponsor.

Simple Intro Emails Work Best
Once you are done with creating your list, the next step would be to dispatch information regarding your event. You’ve probably seen some sponsorship proposals with “Platinum, Silver, and Bronze Sponsorships” that contain a set of particular benefits. This isn’t a particularly productive way of handling your business or achieving your goal. To start with, the benefits might be worthless to the contender you are campaigning for. Moreover, it must be customized to the individual sponsor within the business category. In other words, what are its target markets as compared with its competition?

Unsolicited calls are useful in some instances although it could be difficult for sponsorships. You could maximize your time by outlining all that is going to be benefited by mailing a brief document with some fascinating illustrations, schemes, and pictures. And don’t forget to include your contact information.
Be mindful about your timing because sponsors budget months in advance. Your proposal will need to be completed and sent by that time for consideration.

Understanding and Creating Event Attendee Demographics
You shouldn’t expect any firm or organization to finance your event if you cannot concisely disclose who will be in attendance. Before soliciting for a sponsorship sales pitch, the organizers should be aware of some essential facts concerning the behavior of the guests. Provide them with pertinent demographic information that matches their target audience.

You can use the information to tell a story concerning your patrons and guests at the event and illustrate it in a pictorial manner. Consider including a separate and well-tabbed notebook with background material on your event. Only use high-quality photos and graphics. Highlight any photos that have brand names on banners, signs, etc., adjacent to crowds who represent the demographics your prospect needs.

“There will always, one can assume, be a need for some selling, but the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know the customer so well the product or service hits him and sells itself.” -Peter Drucker

This is a brief outline on how to secure event sponsors. I hope it has enlightened you in some way and fueled your engine to continue to research, discover, and understand the keys to successful sponsorship sales.

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