Top 10 Reasons Promoters Fail

As a concert promoter, it helps to pay close attention to the details and to be keenly aware of the missteps that can ruin a good concert or event promotion in a heartbeat. Here’s a quick look at some of the stumbling blocks to creating, promoting, and producing a live concert event.

Top 10 Reasons Promoters Fail

⦿ Lack of expertise
⦿ No room in market to prosper
⦿ Ran out of cash
⦿ Not the right talent for market
⦿ Overshadowed by competitor’s show
⦿ Need/Lack of marketing plan
⦿ Poor marketing
⦿ Bad date for event
⦿ Bad venue/location
⦿ Legal challenges

Top 10 Reasons Promoters Fail

Our goal is to help you succeed as a concert promoter and event coordinator. We strongly believe that in order to avoid the pitfalls of this business, you need to know what they are. We hope this list of “Top 10 Reasons Promoters Fail” helps. If you can think of any more tips, please add it to the list by using the comment box below.

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