7 things successful concert promoters and event professionals do over the summer that lazy ones do not

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Article Excerpts: 7 Odd Things Successful People Do Over the Summer That Lazy People Do Not

What does it take to become successful–at anything?…It doesn’t start with taking the summer off. That’s for sure.

So, how do successful people spend their summers? And, more important, what do they do differently from everyone else?

  1. They become their own boss, with their own agenda and their own deadlines.
  2. They put time on the calendar to get out of their comfort zone.
  3. They make a list of things they don’t like about their current situation.
  4. They stop doing the same worthless things over and over again.
  5. They set lots of mini goals.
  6. They detox.
  7. They push themselves to wrap up any remaining projects.

That in mind, it’s crucial that the projects you started in spring and have carried over into summer get finished. Summer is a great block of time to push yourself to finish something strong, so that you can enter the remaining part of the year with a fresh canvas.

Get details on each of the 7 points by reading the entire article. Click here for more.


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