The Hospitality Rider

artist hospitality rider

A performance contract outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement between the artist/agent and the purchaser. This includes the performance date, location, time of performance and payment details. Contract riders typically contain the finer details of what an artist may request in conjunction with the scheduled performance. The hospitality rider typically provides the purchaser with specific information regarding backstage food and drinks. This expense is deducted from the purchaser’s gross potential. So, it stands to reason that many promoters get upset when the artist’s requests are too costly, or totally unrealistic.

Although most items outlined in a rider are negotiable, eliminating or even minimizing the wrong item may affect the attitude of the artist and their willingness to give you their best performance the night of your show. What may seem like a worthless item (like 4 packs of Cotton Candy Bubblicious Bubble Gum) may be the most important item in his/her pre-show ritual and now the show is off to a bad start before the artist even hits the stage. In some instances, substituting a specific brand of alcohol with a generic one may send the wrong message to the artist. An who knows? They may have an encore song in their show that your audience will never hear because of your inadequate backstage hospitality.

Discuss any possible changes with the road manager first. You may want to consider a buyout for the hospitality rider and let the road manager handle it.

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