The Power of Email Marketing

email marketing

Direct Email Marketing offers concert promoters a cost effective way of utilizing the power of the internet. Having information about your next your party, concert or special event distributed by email is one of the fastest and least expensive tools you can use for your business.

Assuming you have access to the internet and you are familiar with sending and receiving email, the next step is learning how to create an effective email message and how to send it to the people on your email list. Many of the free email websites (Yahoo, hotmail, etc.) limit the amount of emails one can send at one time. Some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) limit the amount of data you can transfer across the internet at one time. If you find that your options are limited and can not send the amount of email necessary to “get the word out,” you may consider using an online email marketing serviceĀ  (Topica, Contact, etc) to create and send your email from your web browser. This will give you the opportunity to send your messages to a much larger database. Using their servers and their internet connection to send your email is fast, frees up your computer and it will not jeopardize your ISP account.

When it comes to sending out email, it is highly recommended that you research the meaning of “spam.” Sending unsolicited email (spam), can have a negative effect on your promotional effort and damage your reputation. The recipients that did not ask to be on your mailing list will probably delete it immediately. Some may reply with an unpleasant message and demand to be removed from future mailings. In many cases it is illegal and could result in the loss of your ISP or email marketing service account and other actions against you. Make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully.

What makes email so incredible, when used properly, is it’s viral effect. You can send your email newsletter or notice to ten clients and in minutes each of your clients have forwarded it to 10 additional readers (and potential clients). And then, they send it to people they know who may be interested in your information. And, this is all done at no cost to you. The result can lead to new clients and business. How many time have you received something that you forwarded to your friends and they in turn forwarded to all of their friends?

Online marketing is a powerful tool and can separate you from the competition in more ways than one. If you do not have the time to put together an online marketing plan, let eJams Entertainment assist you in creating a strategy that satisfies your needs. We have offer five years of experience and can show you the secrets to success. We can also distribute your message to your mailing list and show you how to grow your email list. Ask about our incentive offer for special discounts.

When you use the internet, a whole new marketing world is literally at your fingertips.

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