How to Write a Press Release for a Live Concert Event

How to Write a Press Release for a Live Concert Event

You have a live convert event coming up, and you need a press release to share the news and get people interested. A great press release will also get people talking about and sharing it, so more people buy tickets to attend the show. So, where do you start? How do you go about writing this amazing press release? Here are four tips to create the perfect content for your concert promotion.

Announce Your News With a Catchy Headline

The headline needs to be catchy, while telling people exactly what your marketing material is all about. Think about the theme your live concert event, or who will be headlining it. The last thing you want is people to guess what the headline really means.

Keep the text format simple, bold and large. This is going to draw people in. You want it to first catch their attention visually.

Have a Catchy Subtitle

The subtitle is where you can get a little more playful, but you still need to be clear and concise. The text needs to be one or two sentences in length, acting a little like a description for the whole press release. Keep the text smaller to the title but bigger than the rest of your marketing material, so it still stands out.

Use a Logo Where Possible

Place your concert event’s logo in the top right or left corner, if you have one. If you don’t have a logo for the event, consider the headlining band’s logo. You will need permission for this, but considering it is marketing for them too it is not usually an issue. The logo is a graphical display that will help to draw the readers in.

Stick to a Two Paragraph Format

Announcing your concert promotion through a press release does not have to be long. Two paragraphs are enough. The first needs to be longer, introducing your special event and explaining why it is happening. Are you promoting a new band’s album or is it for a charity? Give people a reason to attend. The second paragraph tells people where and when.

Make sure you include contact information at the end. People will want to call or email for more information about the show, to purchase tickets, or to setup an interview for a mass, print or social media outlet. It needs to be as easy as possible to find after reading the press release about your concert promotion.

concert press release tips

Releasing the Information

Sending multiple press releases about the same concert event can be an effective way of highlighting key points during the promotion. For example, you can release one to announce the upcoming show, another one to highlight when tickets go on sale, and another one the week of the engagement. Make sure you include the who, what, when, and where about your show in each one.

Your press release can be distributed via snail mail, email, or faxed to the various sources. Free and fee-based distribution services are viable and effective ways of spreading your information. A good press release can attract positive media attention and generate good public relations (PR), making it a tool every concert promoter should have at their disposal.

by Kevin Morrison (on Google+)
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